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Listed below on this map are some of the many places to go flyfishing in North Carolina. This is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination. These are my usual destinations, augmented with some great trip reports from fellow NC anglers. You'll note, for example, that I don't have any info on the Smokies. However, for a nice compilation of info on the Smokies and eastern Tennessee, here's a link to L.J.'s canonical fishing page. He started by covering Eastern Tennessee and the Smokies and has a wealth of info on that area. I don't usually fish there since it's a long ways from my home. L.J.'s page now is probably the best source of pointers to other fishing resources on the Web at this time.

If you want to get on the list for a really comprehensive list of trout fishing opportunities in the state, you might want to look at Wayne Clodfelter's nice newsletter, Trout, NC. It's modestly priced and full of detailed information.

Image map is currently (10/2002) broken w/change of ISP's, here's a list of the counties I've got entries for right now...

Here's an interesting link for a lot of neat info on the Great Smokies (and some flyfishing classes!). Check out the Smoky Mountain Field School.
If you are coming fishing in NC here're some flies you don't want to be without...

Rules & Regulations

Fishing and hunting in North Carolina are regulated by the Wildlife Resources Commission. The address is:

NC Wildlife Resources Commission
512 N. Salisbury St.
Raleigh, NC 27604-1188

Phone: (919) 662-4370

Fred Harris , the fishieries chief of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, has graciously agreed to receive electronic feedback about issues in NC fishing. Send him some email. If your browser can't use mailto's, try this...

Selected fishing license fees are:

To purchase licenses via credit card, call (919) 662-4370 during normal business hours. They used to have an automated touch-tone system, but that was discontinued in 1998. However, you can call, talk to the operator, charge your license by phone and get a temporary license number for immediate use.

Please call the NCWRC for up to date information.

Regulations, especially for trout fishing, are complex. When you purchase your license, you will receive a rule book that describes the regulations for each species and any special regulations that may apply.

Typically, the trout season for hatchery-supported waters is from the first Saturday in April (at 7:00am) through the last day of February in the following year. Special regulations waters (like C&R) are open year round. Night fishing is not allowed in trout waters.

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