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Yes, Virginia, there are fish other than trout! This shot is from the Eno River State Park near Durham, NC. I was fishing (with my buddy Sam) for green sunfish, Roanoke Bass, bluegills, and other warm water denizens. This is a lot of fun when the water is clear...however, sometimes you can track a 'coon across this stream (like after a heavy rain) and then you can forget it!

Here are some "big trout" swimming around in a pool in Bullhead Creek in Stone Mountain State Park, NC....You can't seem them well in this picture, but they are there! Catching these guys and their buddies is my passion now that I've given up crazy things like climbing & kayaking ....

Here's one of my dad, Jimmy Dunn, working a nymph in a pool again on Bullhead Creek. This was a winter trip (Febuary of 1993).

OK, I'm the one who takes the camera, so I take the pictures. I swear I've caught some fish myself, but here's the first of two pictures of Sam Long (my fishing partner). Nice brown here....about 17".

Another shot of Sam....another brown trout. Sometimes it's funny...we may fish the same water and catch rainbows, some days we catch browns...this was a "brown" day.

Here are some speckled sea trout (weakfish, not "trout") that I caught plugging at Emerald Isle on the NC coast one November morning several years ago....

Now that I've got a 9' 9wt, I'm gonna really try to repeat on the fly!

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