Joel's Atlantic Salmon Excursion

Margaree River

From the "Snag Pool" on the Margaree River, Nova Scotia.

I was fortunate to be vacationing in Nova Scotia during the 2nd Annual Atlantic Salmon Conclave, put on by members of the Atlantic Salmon mailing list (SALAR@MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA). The hospitality I received at the conclave was gracious and I had a great time. Here's a writeup I posted to the Flyfish list (

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I'd like to echo Luis' praise of Rod's work in organizing the Atlantic Salmon
'clave, and the camaraderie of everyone that attended.  The gang was very
helpful with the huge number of questions that a salmon rookie like me had.

I had but one day to fish during my vacation swing through the maritimes, but
the timing was right for a stop at the Cajun Cottage HQ.  My own short 
report is that I didn't hook a salmon or a grilse, but I did raise two 
salmon to a bomber while fishing the "Snag Pool" (within walking distance 
of the cottages).  That was quite an experience!  Rod had warned me when 
I left the cabin in the morning to be careful in trying to set the hook 
if I had a topwater strike....well, let me tell you, that's easier said 
than done.  He told me, "let the salmon take the fly down until you feel 
the weight, then set the hook..."  Did I listen?  When that first fish 
hit the bomber I was so excited I jerked the fly so hard I'd
have pulled it out of vise :-).  I did learn my lesson, however, and I 
let the second one have free reign with the fly, but unfortunately, I 
didn't get a hookup.

Hey, I was a happy camper.  I saw fish swimming, jumping, and rising.  I 
may not have hooked a salmon, but I think I'm hooked!  I'll do my best to 
get back to the salmon 'clave again.

Thanks for the memories, guys.

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