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If you're here and like flyfishing (why else would you be here :-) ), I've gotta put in a plug for the FLYFISH listserver, a crusty collection of old farts, curmudgeons, young whipper-snappers and other assorted characters. Take some time and read up on the background you need if you are going to properly understand the ambience of this fine group! This is the only thing in cyberspace that is close to flinging a #22 OBA at a big 'ol trout. If you want a flavor of the discussions, feel free to check out the archives.

Well, large lists are interesting, but along with David Perry , I've helped to form a regional list focused on piedmont North Carolina. This list is for discussion of flyfishing opportunities within driving distance of central North Carolina, and/or discussions by local flyfishers of more exotic locales. It's also a place for our far-flung friends (even Yankees) to join in for camaraderie. The list name is TRI-FLY and the host machine is "". Send subscription messages to "" containing the information "subscribe tri-fly Jane Doe" (you replace Jane's name with yours, of course). We hope you enjoy it!

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