Fish Weight Calculation Palm KVM 1.0 Version

This is a Java implementation of the fish weight estimation algorithm posted to the Flyfish listserver in July of 1994 (see the listserver archives with this pre-formed query...

Is this accurate? To paraphrase a Star Trek episode of many years ago, "Dammit Jim, I'm a computer scientist, not a biologist". The algorithm used is W=(L * (G^2))/R, where:

W = Weight in decimal pounds
L = Length in inches
G = Girth in inches (default is .58 * L)
R = 800 for trout/bass, 900 for pike/musky

For my fellow geeks, here's the source code

Screen shot of the spotlet:

Download the KVM and KVM utility.  Full J2ME_CLDC available at Sun.

Download the calculator.

Install the KVM, the KVM utility and the calculator in the normal way with your Palm desktop.

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